BECi Online Member Account Portal

1. Why is BECi moving to a new online account portal for its members?

The new online account portal was launched by BECi’s software solutions partner. This new portal offers a streamlined design, added member account information security, optimization for use on mobile devices, and new features like Quick Pay (where members can log-in using account information instead of username and password).

2. When will the new portal go live?

The new portal will go live on Monday, August 15, 2022.

3. What are the benefits of using BECi’s online member portal?

Portal users can access billing and payment history, usage history, update account alerts via email and pay their bill.

4. If I am a current portal user, will I need a new username and password?

BECi members who have an existing online portal account can log in using their same username and password. Simply click on “Pay My Bill” from the BECi homepage and members will be routed to the new portal landing webpage. You can use your User ID if you have one created or your full account number along with your password to sign into the new portal. If you have multiple accounts, you can log in with any one of your account numbers and be able to pay on all accounts.

New users will be required to create an account login. You can log in with your full account number or create a User ID to use each time with a password. Your User ID must be alpha-numeric (include both letters and numbers). Passwords must be a minimum of seven characters long. A combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letter, numbers, and symbols (!@#$%&*) The max length of your password is capped at 128 characters.

5. How do I access the new online portal?

Members can access the new online portal from the home page and selecting Pay My Bill highlighted below.

6. I do not have an existing online portal account. How do I get one?

Creating an online portal account is easy. Simply click on “Pay My Bill” on the BECi website as shown above and select “Create account” as shown in the image in question #4.

7. How does the new “Quick Pay” work?

Quick Pay allows you to make a payment on one account without logging into the portal. You will need your full account number and the last four digits of a phone number listed on your account. Currently, when using Quick Pay, you can only pay on one account at a time. To pay a different account, you would need to select Quick Pay again and enter the next account number you wish to pay.

8. Are you enrolled in Electronic Billing/E-Bill?

The process for viewing your E-bill statement has changed with our new portal. The link in your email notification that your new statement is available will now direct you to the login page of the new portal. For security purposes, you will now be required to login to view your statement. Once you are logged in, click on the My Account, then Account History and you will see Billing History option, select that and your bill history will display. To view your statement, simply find the bill date you want to review and click the black binoculars to view. See image below.