Start or Stop Service

Establishing Power

Step 1: Complete Application

Complete a membership application online or in-person at a Beauregard Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BECi) office. To complete the application, you will need a driver’s license or another suitable form of identification and will need to pay all required fees. For a standard account, fees will range from $125 to $300 depending on your credit report. For a PowerPay account, fees are $75.

Step 2: Obtain All Necessary Permits

Every parish has a different permitting process but, in most cases, some permits will be required to establish power. In Beauregard, Allen, and Vernon Parish, a 911 permit is required. All parishes require permits for new service. Beauregard, Allen, and Vernon parish require a 911 permit for all connects and temporary disconnects. Beauregard and Vernon parish requires a sewer permit for anything that is disconnected from longer than six months. For questions about what your parish requires, please contact your parish permitting office.

Step 3: Construction & Inspection Process Begins

After all applications are complete and fees are paid, the service construction process begins.

  1. First, a BECi staking engineer will come to your property to observe where lines need to be built and will check that your service pole and meter box are placed in the correct position.
  2. For new accounts and newly constructed homes and buildings, a parish inspector will need to issue a parish permit in order for the service process to continue.
  3. After the staking and inspection process is complete, a BECi crew will build your service lines. This will include installing power poles and lines from established power sources to your home, business, or new construction.

If your service address already has the proper poles and equipment, a meter will be installed within two business days after the application process is complete.

Step 4: A BECi Meter is Installed & Energized

When the inspection and construction process is complete, a BECi meter will be installed and energized.

The timeline of this process is dependent upon many factors. BECi asks members to prepare for this process to take two to three weeks. The process may take longer during times of inclement weather and extended outages due to hurricanes and other substantial weather events.

Disconnecting Power

Step 1: Call or Visit BECi

Disconnecting service from BECi is a very simple process. In order to disconnect service, you must call our offices at (800) 367-0275 and let us know that you are wanting to disconnect service. Members can also come into the office to disconnect service.

Step 2: Select a Disconnect Date

You can choose your service to be disconnected that day or you can choose another date for disconnection if you need to finish up a few more tasks before moving or disconnecting service.

Step 3: Leave a Forwarding Address

We ask that you leave a reliable forwarding address so that we can forward you any bills or correspondence. If you are eligible for a refund check, it will be sent to your forwarding address.