Scholarship Winner Information Page

Congratulations! You have been selected as the winner of BECi’s 2021 Scholarship Program! 

You will be receiving a $1,500 scholarships. You will receive $750 in the fall and spring semester (depending on if you maintain eligibility requirements), or $500 per quarter.

Please save this link and use it to submit all of information we request from you. Below is a step-by-step of what we will be needing from you.

Step 1.

Submit headshot/senior photo

Please use the upload box below to submit your headshot or senior photo. This photo will be used on our Facebook and will be published in our Louisiana Country magazine and on our website. Please submit this photo no later than May 19, 2021.

Step 2.

Provide the date and time of your graduation or awards ceremony.

A representative from BECi will be in attendance at your graduation or awards ceremony to award the BECi scholarship. Please include the date, time and place of your graduation or awards day so that we can be in attendance.

Step 3.

Time to brag on yourself! Submit your accomplishment and future plans.

Each BECi scholarship winner will be featured individually on our Facebook page. We will use your submitted headshot and any other photos or videos you would like to submit. We will create a brief 30 second video, featuring your photos and videos throughout your high school career. In addition to the video, we will write a brief paragraph introducing you as our 2021 winner, showcase your accomplishments throughout high school and what your future goals and plans are.

Step 4.

Submit your required eligibility information. 

As outlined in your letter, we will need to receive a transcript, college fee bill/invoice and college class schedule to insure you have met all of our eligibility requirement. You can submit this information using the upload feature below (PDF or JPEG) or mail a hard copy to:

BECi Scholarship Program

ATTN: Danielle Tilley

PO Drawer 970

DeRidder, LA 70634.

Step 5.

Keep up your grades and maintain a full-time status.

We know that the transition from high school to college can be difficult.  Remember that you must maintain a 2.0 GPA throughout your semester and maintain a “full-time” status in order to receive the full portion of your scholarship. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements (GPA falls, you drop too many classes, take a semester off, transfer or attend a college out of state or a non-accredited Louisiana university), please contact Danielle Tilley. Please let us know your change of status as soon as possible so we can reward our alternate winners.

Step 6.

Submit your required documentation for the Spring (or Winter and Spring) semester.

You will have to submit your transcript, college fee bill/invoice and class schedule again in the spring semester (or winter and spring quarter) in order to receive the second portion of your scholarship. Don’t worry! We know you are busy so we will be sending reminder emails and letters.


Who do I call if I have questions?

Danielle Tilley will be your contact to answer any and all of your questions! She can be reached at by calling 337-462-8398, emailing or texted at 337-378-3686.

Congratulations again! We wish you luck as you continue into your college career.

Please save this link for quick reference and uploads. You can fill the forms out as more information becomes available to you. You can use this link again to submit required documentation in the following semesters/quarters.