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  • As a PowerPay member, no deposit is required. To activate a PowerPay Prepaid account, the member will be required to establish a credit balance. This amount will be applied toward future energy use.

    The member will not receive a monthly bill.

    PowerPay accounts are not eligible for payment arrangements.

    If the member is an existing regular account member and wishes to convert to a PowerPay account, any deposit held will be applied toward: outstanding balance, any fees associated with starting a PowerPay account, the payment of unbilled usage, and the purchase of future energy use.

    Any Energy Assistance will be applied to the PowerPay account once payment is received. Pledges will not be accepted to keep electricity on.

    Electric service will be subject to immediate disconnection if at any time the account does not have a credit balance.

    PowerPay is a voluntary program and does not qualify for weather-related delays, life threatening situations or elderly and handicap programs that delay a disconnection of service.

    If a returned check or chargeback is received on the account, the amount of the return and a return item fee, as prescribed in Beauregard Electric Cooperative, Inc.’s policies or Terms and Conditions of Service, will be charged back to the members’ account immediately. If this causes the credit on the account to be exhausted, service will be discontinued immediately.

    If at any time, a PowerPay member wants to convert the PowerPay account back to a regular billed account; a deposit will be required based on BECi’s policies or Terms and Conditions of Service.

    Payments may be made in the office, over the phone at 1-888-367-0275, at authorized payment locations, online at www.beci.org, or BECi’s mobile app.

    The full terms of the PowerPay option are established in BECi Terms and Conditions of Service, and those Terms and Conditions will supersede.