Business Development

Business Development is an important part of what we do at Beauregard Electric Cooperative (BECi). Our business development staff is prepared to assist with all phases of new and expanding businesses, from site selection to ribbon cutting. BECi aggressively works to expand and attract businesses to the areas we serve, increasing employment and the tax base, which helps everyone in the community.

Rate Information

BECi has an attractive menu of competitive rates for commercial and industrial customers, including a high load factor rate, time of day, and other special economic development incentives. We also have a history of creating a special rate for unique customers. BECi’s power is coal-based and therefore dependable and affordable.

Assistance with Site & Building Identification

BECi keeps a database of available buildings and sites in the service territory. Additionally, our network of developers, realtors, and allies enables us to locate just the right building or site for prospective projects.

Key Accounts

BECi is committed to forming business partnerships with our key accounts to assist them with improving their bottom line. A personal representative works with key accounts to provide energy solutions, rate information, billing options, and updates on the utility industry.

As part of BECi’s Key Accounts Program, lighting assistance is available for commercial and municipal members who need help with light and pole placement and different light styles. Monthly fees for all lighting can be found under current rate schedules.

Parish Demographic Information

Demographic information on the parishes (counties) that BECi serves is available. This information includes taxes, population, employment, education, and a host of other topics.

For more information, email Mike Luttrell, our Business Development Director.