XI. Metering

All metering equipment necessary to properly measure the electricity furnished shall be installed, owned, and maintained by the Cooperative.

A meter socket must be provided and installed by the member.

Member shall furnish a suitable space, acceptable to the Cooperative, for installation of meters and other equipment necessary to deliver and measure the electricity supplied by the Cooperative. Member shall not injure or tamper with said meters, and other equipment and shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from injuring or tampering with any of Cooperative’s equipment located on Member’s premises.

The Cooperative, at its expense, shall test its meters at such intervals as may be required by good operating practice and all lawful regulations and at other times when requested to do so by the Member. However, when the Member requests a test at any time other than the Cooperative’s standard testing period, and the meter is found to be accurate within 2% the cost of such test shall be borne by the Member. The cost shall be not less than $20.00.