VIII. Suspension of Service

The Cooperative may suspend service at any time that the Member fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions or with the provisions of any contract between the Member and the Cooperative. At least five days notice will be given to the Member by the Cooperative of its intent to so suspend service except in cases of emergency or fraud.

When service is suspended for nonpayment of bills, it will not be restored until the Member pays all charges that have been billed plus the cost of restoring service. These restoration costs are on file with the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Should Member request permanent discontinuance of service during any period of suspension for nonpayment of bills, the cost above referred to shall be paid to the Cooperative before service is again made available to the Member.

When service is suspended for any other cause, it will not be restored until the cause of the suspension has been removed or remedied.

The Cooperative shall not be liable for damage occasioned by suspension of service when such suspension is affected in accordance with these provisions.